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Des Traynor ,Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom @destraynor

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This week I gave a talk at The Next Web on the importance of your product strategy when scaling a company.

When I speak to startups, I am often asked, “What is the one thing?” or “Give me one tip.” But I don’t have a single top tip for you. I have a lot of tips. They’re all important because they work together to help build a successful product.

So one way I think about the advice I give is, “What would I definitely bring to the next startup?” To build the right thing, knowing your strategy is critical. In my mind there are 4 aspects to product strategy that need to be considered:

  1. Why your strategy matters
  2. What you should build
  3. How to keep everything aligned
  4. Growing and maintaining your product

To learn more, check out the slides and an earlier version of this talk below:

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