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Someone turned BrettKavanaugh.com into a resource for sexual assault survivors


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Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh was too dumb to buy a domain with his name in it.

Twitter is praising BrettKavanaugh.com as a brilliantly subtle act of resistance as the URL leads to a website with a list of sexual assault resources for survivors.

The site is painted with a simple design and an accompanying message: “We Believe Survivors.” Below it features a short summary of Kavanaugh’s connection with sexual assault and links to resources such as the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and End Rape on Campus (EROC) — a charity providing support for on-campus assault survivors — which is fitting since multiple women accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault during university.

This brilliant piece of activism was done by Fix The Court, an organization which pushes for accountability and transparency in the Supreme Court. The organization bought the URL three years ago but didn’t stop there, as a directory of sexual assault resources can also be found under “.org” and “.net.”

Gabe Roth, the executive director of Fix The Court, said in a statement that the website was set up to support all survivors, including Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill.  

“I am redirecting those three [URLs] to a landing page with resources for victims of sexual assault,” Roth wrote. “I believe Dr. Ford. I believe Prof. Hill. I also believe that asking for forgiveness is a sign of maturity and strength, not weakness.”

The site was launched a day after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court after multiple women accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault and harassment — including Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party during high school.

The whole Kavanaugh hearing has been deeply disappointing, but at least his name will keep the discussion of sexual assault alive.

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